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Docaposte, a leading player in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), offers solutions facilitating the externalization of business processes. Historically based on back-office documentation management, our services have evolved and today we offer expert solutions built on solid business comptencies.

An experienced partner in BPO

Docaposte is renowned for its business expertise and provides services for peaks in activity or takes full charge of certain business processes to better meet the needs of different players in the insurance sector:

  • Health and personal insurance
  • Accidents
  • Life insurance
  • Savings
  • Retirement

With over 700 employees working for our insurance clients, we deliver our services on client site (in situ) or on our own industrial platforms throughout Europe.

Expertise in personal and accident insurance

Our offer is based on proven, robust, and "made in France" digital solutions, but also on our experts' savoir-faire and their knowledge of your sector.

  • Our digital platform supports the automated processing of large volumes of files and business processes
  • Our administrators take over to process cases where human intervention is required
  • We operate in back-office mode thanks to our industrial and insuree-insurer relations expertise.

We use the latest technologies such as RPA (robotic process automation) and AI (artificial intelligence), to augment workflows and processes.

Use our reporting portals and tools to effectively monitor operations, manage activities, and provide access for beneficiaries to services.

Optimize incoming and outgoing flows

Based on a historical savoir-faire of document management, Docaposte operates high-added-value workflow management services for the insurance sector:

  • Mail flows: managementof physical (paper) and electronic, incoming and outgoing flows
  • Incoming workflow: dematerialization, simple and faithful digitization (reliable copy), extracting document content, integration with your internal applications
  • Industrial and individual correspondence publishing
  • Omnichannel communication: industrial and individual publishing, sending electronic registered mail
  • Digital payments and collection of non-cash means of payment

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