Banking flexibility

Banking flexibility

Successfully changing your bank details with DOCAPOSTE


DOCAPOSTE, as a trusted third party in the field of banking for the last 30 years (cheque cash-ins, back-office, customer relations, etc.), is offering to do all the administrative work with the various organisations and their customers, and to inform you of how each file is progressing with statistics as evidence. This is a key argument when recruiting new customers, as we all know what a burden administrative work can be, and what a technical and psychological hindrance changing banks can be for users.

3 %

of the French population only change banks every year. That is three times less than the European average and five times less than French mobility for phone operators or insurance contracts. Burdensome procedures to be handled by customers are to blame, as are banking fees and the fear of it causing errors (unpaid amounts, bounced cheques), as well as poor data transmission from one bank to the other.

Source : Sources UFC Que Choisir 2015

Our solution


By teaming up with StreamMind - a leading software developer for the SEPAmail network - DOCAPOSTE completed its banking mobility offer, thus providing banks with a solution that ensures compliance with the regulation within the given deadline.


Through a SaaS platform solution, DOCAPOSTE helps banks to comply with new regulation that gives customers the right - following their signature - to authorise their new bank to transfer all their bank transfers and direct debits from the former account to the new one. Simultaneously, the former bank must inform old customers of any cheques, bank transfers or direct debits that were not operated for thirteen months following the closing of the account.

Our solution's advantages:

  • Market solution that has been proven and quickly become operational, enabling compliance with the new regulation.
  • Automated recovery of all direct debit/bank transfer operations from the former bank.
  • Automated sending of account modification requests to "Principals" via their bank.
  • Compliance with regulatory deadlines for each stage.
  • Limited developments.