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Dematerialize the exchange of documents and externalise your business processes easily and with confidence

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For over 20 years, via its subsidiary Maileva, Docaposte has been supporting very small businesses and SMBs with their acceleration and digital transformation, the keystone to improved competitiveness.

A Docaposte brand – Maileva’s turnkey solutions

Maileva supports businesses with their digital transformation and offers trusted and turnkey solutions.

Easily access our solutions from your client space, in SaaS mode or through an integrated solution. Make all your mailing easy with our 24/7 service, administer and manage your activity. Our experts are with you at every step , from the choice, setting up and using the chosen solution.


  • Optimise and maintain your document procceses, including in remote-working mode
  • Make significant savings on equipment, consumables and postage.
  • Fully compliant thanks to our trust solutions


Focus on your core business

Are you looking for a simple and time-saving solution? Do you want to manage your budget and work with a trusted provider?
Maileva is at your service with solutions and support which are ready-to-use and simple.


  • Free yourself from time-consuming tasks
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Add value to your business

Maileva - Online mail

Save time and money thanks to our Maileva online mail solution

  • 24/7 online access
  • Multichannel: mail (simple and registered), e-mail, SMS and fax
  • Same day La Poste delivery for all deposits before 2pm
  • Production and data hosting in France

Maileva's mailing platform

Maileva Registered (Mail)

Send your registered mail in paper or electronic format 24/7 without leaving home!

  • Online deposit in your client space or own software
  • Real-time online tracking
  • Access your documents and proof of delivery, recept case of dispute.
  • For co-owneership property management companies, access a hybrid solution to facilitate the management of your bulk paper and electronic mailing

Maileva registered mail

Maileva Payslips

Optimise the sending of payslips in paper or digital format

  • Automatic selection of distribution channel
  • Opening of a personal Digiposte digital safe
    for each employee
  • 50-year legal archival duration

Maileva payslips

Maileva Invoices

Send your invoices simply and rapidly, and be ready for the general provision of compulsory digital invoicing (2026-2027)

  • Automatic detection and distribution of mail channels : paper or digital
  • Management of documents sent to public administrations (Chorus Pro)
  • Probative value archiving, in individual safes
  • Regulatory compliance for 2026

Maileva Invoices

Maileva Signer en Ligne

Switch easily to electronic signatures using our simple and secure turnkey solution.

  • Create different signing proccesses with a dedicated interface adapted to mobility
  • Track and trace exchanges
  • Solutions conform to European norms (eIDAS)

Maileva Signer en Ligne

Maileva Vote

Organise stress-free professional elections with Maileva Vote.

  • Electronic or paper vote (including supply of paper vote material)
  • Conformity and respect of electoral protocols
  • Secure and automated vote counting

Maileva Vote

Cybersecurity range

Analyse your weak points, secure your sensitive data and restore them easily.

  • Scan solution, non instrusive and specifically designed to spot the weak points of your system
  • Cyber back-up solution of the essential data to your business, locally based and disconnected from any network

Cybersecurity range

Maileva Cyber backup

The technology behind our cyber backup solutions ensures flawless security:

  • Network-disconnected backups
  • Incremental backups
  • Intrusion decoy
  • Anti-brute force protection
  • Intrusion detection
  • Automatic machine shutdown in case of a suspected attack

Maileva cyber backup

Maileva EDM

Encourage collaborative work and secure your historical records with Maileva’s EDM solutions.

  • Centralised documentative and collaborative working solution
  • Quick implementation and easy to use
  • Secure data storage in France

Maileva EDM

By your side to simplify your digital transformation

  • Our commitments: accessbility, responsiveness, trust

  • Dedicated support for your ownership

  • Ready-to-use solutions

  • Savings and performance

  • Maileva certified NF345 (Customer service department)

Some Key figures

  • 20,000

    business clients

  • 140

    million pages printed

  • 127


  • 5

    production centres

  • 14.5

    million pages archived on our French servers

  • 1st

    production capacity for colour page printing in France

  • 95/100

    Professional Gender Equality Index (Maileva 2020)