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Artificial Intelligence and Data

Docaposte is able to process the many uses of AI and is present in 3 main areas of AI:

  • Computer vision: our AI is capable of recognising, processing, classifying or exploiting data in unstructured documents (identity documents, medical images, number plates, etc.)
  • Machine learning: it is possible to analyse and predict behavioural situations, to detect fraud, for example, or to prevent certain risks
  • Operational research: we model complex systems to improve the management and optimisation of resources and flows.

AI and Data are the most promising technologies in the IT world and are already being used in all industries. Docaposte has a unique strike force in the French AI ecosystem.

As part of the Consumer and Digital branch of La Poste, Docaposte brings together 120 AI experts (engineers, doctors and data scientists) who create the tools necessary for the success of our clients' projects.

Post Quantum Computing

With a DNA of trusted service and solutions such as electronic signature or electronic signature/authentication certificate issuance, Docaposte is constantly innovating in post-quantum security. Today's computer security is based primarily on encryption algorithms, such as RSA encryption. However, the arrival of quantum computers could call this security into question. Post-quantum computing promises to "break" an RSA key in a matter of minutes: this is a major issue for IT departments, which are closely monitoring this problem, which calls into question the entire current security scheme.

Docaposte has been working on post-quantum security since 2018 with its partners and offers the first quantum resistant electronic certificate on the market. 

Document blockchain as a key trust

The Blockchain created by Docaposte offers an innovative solution for document certification. It guarantees that the information exchanged has not been altered and strengthens trust by guaranteeing the origin of the information entered into the blockchain.

It meets the needs of banks, administrations and local authorities looking for innovative tools to fight fraud. This R&D approach initiated by Docaposte in 2016 resulted in 2018 in the publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal of an article on the authentication of an archived document with zero proof of disclosure.

In 2020, all the research and developments were transferred to the Archipels consortium, co-founded by four major trust players: the La Poste group (via its Docaposte subsidiary), EDF, ENGIE and the Caisse des Dépôts. 

Their goal is to offer the market a range of document certification and authentication services that evolve every day to provide new complementary services around the DID.

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