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Docaposte has published the results of new Gender Equality Index

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In accordance with the 5 September 2018 law for the freedom to choose your one's professional future, all companies with more than 50 employees must calculate and publish their Gender Equality Index on their website. Docaposte respects this obligation through the committment of all its employees, its Parity program and the social actions taken by its HR teams and partners.  

In 2021, Docaposte achieved a score of 92/100 on the Professsional Gender Equality Index.

How is the Professsional Gender Equality Index calculated?

The Professsional Gender Equality Index is calculated on the basis of 5 indicators:

  • The gender pay gap: 2.7% in favor of men, Docaposte scored 37/40
  • The individual payrise gap: 0.2% in favor of women, scored 20/20
  • The gender promotion gap (only for companies with more than 250 employees): 4.4% in favor of men, scored 15/15
  • The number of employees receiving a payrise following maternity leave: 100%, scored at 15/15
  • Gender parity among the 10 highest salaries: 2 women, scored 5/10

Docaposte has achieved a score of 92/100 according to the Professsional Gender Equality Index

  • The score of 92/100 for 2021, is stable compared to 2020, with an increase of +15 points compared to 2019, confirming the effectiveness of our actions.
  • In 2020, 4 Docaposte companies (Bretagne, Routage, Eukles, Softeam, Voxaly) achieved a score lower than the minimum of 75/100. In 2021, thanks to their efforts, these entities have now achieved above 75.
  • An entity with a non-calculable index in 2020, now has achieved 70/100 with a remuneration review plan in 2021 which did not exist the year before. An action plan has been set up to achieve a minimum of 75 for 2022.
  • Our subsidary Maileva has achieved a score of 99/100 thanks to its high vigilance on these subjects and an adapted action plan. 
  • Other Docaposte companies remain stable with an excellent score above 80 points (such as Docaposte BPO) showing a real motivation to improve their score.
  • Another subsidary of Docaposte, Eukles, has made a real effort on all of the subjects relating to pay and has achieved a score of 84 points, +23 points compared to the year before.
  • Finally, the Docaposte company CSP has surpassed 250 employees which means a change in thresholds and the loss of 1 point, with a score of 91.

Regulatory changes

  • Professional Equality Index: publication of improvement objectives as based on publication of the 2022 indicators.
    • First phase: from March 1 2022, in companies which, for the third consecutive financial year, employ more than 1000 employees, the employer must each year publish the pontential gaps in gender representation within senior management according to Article L3111-2 of the labor law on one hand, and the members of executive bodies defined in Article L23-12-1 of the commercial code on the other hand (art. 14 de la loi ; C. trav., art. L1142-11, al. 1er).
      • Second phase: from March 1 2023, by way of derogation from articles L311-6 and L312-1-2 of the code on the relationship between the Public and the Administration (CRPA), these representation gaps will be made public on the website of the Ministry of Labor, under the terms defined by decree (Art. 14 of the law: labor law, art. L1142-11, al.2).
        • Third phase: from the March 1 2026, the proportion of people from each gender in senoir management and among members of executive bodies should not be lower than 30% (Labor law, art. L1142-11, in fine). Parallel to this, in companies which, for the third consecutive financial year, employ more than 1000 employees, when the company does not conform to the obligation in the last subparagraph of article L1142-11, the negotation of professional equality anticipated in 2° of article L2242-1 must also include adequate and relevant correction mathods (Labor law, art. L1142-13).

          Our action plan

          • Our 2022 objective: to reach 94/100
          • Action plans implemented for companies with a score lower than 75 in 2021
          • No Docaposte entity under 75/100
          • Docaposte has the ambition in 2022 to obtain the AFNOR and international GEEIS labels for Professsional Gender Equality. This requires the mobilization of each and every one of us. In this perspective, it has become essential to analyse internal and external data and to evaluate and compare ourselves with our peers as well as companies in other sectors.