Our vision

The human-digital convergence is a key factor in your company's competitiveness, with a view to creating value.


The world's evolution is adapting to Web evolution. To ensure both profitability and growth, organisations must reinvent themselves to back up their strategic challenges.


In support of their digital and mobile transformation, they need advice, expertise and global professional solutions that integrate:

  • full understanding of their profession, sector and strategic challenges;
  • integrated and business-orientated offers;
  • ease of use;
  • business ecosystems;
  • optimised customer, employee and partner processes;
  • analytics and BI;
  • strong TCO and ROI.


Our positioning


DOCAPOSTE, by combining collaborative platforms, professional expertise, digital and industrial capacities, has asserted itself as a trusted business partner in digital and mobile transformation for organisations.





DOCAPOSTE solutions range from consultancy to the co-creation of innovative offers and service operations, as well as professional and sector-based solutions.


These solutions are based on:

  • recognised know-how in the fields of security and trust;
  • sector-based and professional expertise;
  • digital exchange expertise;
  • major IT and industrial production capacity.




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