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In order to be competitive with major digital players and to meet the societal challenges of today and tomorrow in terms of digital transformation, we are positioning ourselves as a federator of ecosystems of trusted players (major groups or startups, from the world of research or associations, etc.).   


In an increasingly open world, our ambition is to build and offer, in collaboration with these ecosystems, a trusted value chain.

Docaposte's Role

Docaposte provided its trusted technical infrastructure such as its data orchestration and connected solutions management platform as well as its dedicated health data hosting center to enable this web and mobile site to launch.


Launch of a collective to promote innovation in health:

AGORiA SANTE aims to bring together key players in health and data science (hospitals, academics, pharmaceutical laboratories, medtechs, startups, etc.) to help improve the therapeutic management of patients through the use of Real Life Health Data (RHLD).

The three founding partners of AGORiA SANTE, Docaposte, a digital subsidiary of La Poste, AstraZeneca and Impact Healthcare, share common objectives: the quest for efficiency in patient care, improving the performance of healthcare systems or even evaluating the use and impact of healthcare products in real life.

The consortium is intended to welcome new players in health and data science to develop this initiative and actively contribute, through innovation and data, to the improvement of health services for the benefit of patients.

AGORiA SANTE: a unique solution that aims to improve the analysis of real-life health data and use it to improve the therapeutic care of patients.


It was essential that Docaposte, a major player in digital trust, be involved in this forward-looking project as a founding member. Docaposte natively offers its customers sovereign and trusted cloud services. As part of the GAIA-X project, Docaposte is contributing its cloud knowledge and experience in digital trust solutions: electronic signature, time stamping, digital archiving, etc.

Docaposte, a founding member, at the service of European digital sovereignty

As a universal operator of exchanges and a trusted third party, La Poste Group pays particular attention to the development, in all its activities, of a trusted digital environment based on respect for the principles of confidentiality, security, durability and transparency in the use of customer data.

Based on its convictions and expertise in data management and protection, La Poste, through its digital subsidiary Docaposte, is committed to GAIA-X with the objective of contributing to the implementation of an efficient and competitive European data infrastructure that is secure and reliable for businesses and guarantees European data sovereignty. This initiative is part of the European Commission's data strategy, the birth of an infrastructure capable of competing with the most advanced solutions worldwide.

Archipels: the document blockchain, an essential part of trust

The blockchain created by Docaposte offers an innovative solution for document certification. It guarantees that the information exchanged has not been altered and strengthens trust by guaranteeing the origin of the information entered into the blockchain. It meets the needs of banks, administrations and local authorities seeking new tools to combat fraud.

This R&D approach initiated by Docaposte in 2016, resulted in 2018 in the publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal of a paper on the authentication of an archived document with zero proof of disclosure.

In 2020, all research and development was transferred to the Archipels joint venture, founded by four major and trusted players, which are the La Poste group, EDF, ENGIE and La Caisse des Dépôts (CDC), to offer the market a range of certification and document authentication services. 

On 10 February 2021, Archipels launched its first certification offer relating to individuals and companies via the blockchain with Vialink, the French leader in the automation of customer file processing for the banking, insurance and real estate industries.

For more information, please see our Press Release.

Our expert speaks about it the best

"Docaposte natively offers sovereign and trusted cloud services to its customers and will bring its services and expertise in the technical implementation of European standards to the Gaia-X project."   

Olivier SENOT, Director of Digital Innovation and Institutional Relations at Docaposte

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Docapost joins the Digital Alliance against COVID19

As soon as the public health crisis began in 2020, four partners in the digital and e-health sectors (including the Lille-based start-up Kelindi, the digital agency Dernier Cri, the Allianz Group and the law firm De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés) joined forces to create the Digital Alliance against COVID-19, making it possible to combine their expertise and to develop the MaladieCoronavirus.fr website in the record time of just a few days.

Together, we created MaladieCoronavirus.fr, a free website for information, self-assessment and referral to the right people (doctors, emergency services) for people with symptoms suggestive of Covid-19. With more than 15 million connections, it is the most used anti-Covid e-health web application in France. The first site referenced by the French Ministry of Solidarity and Health, launched on 18 March at the start of the pandemic, MaladieCoronavirus.fr has made it possible to optimise the effectiveness of calls to the emergency services ( dividing the number of calls by 8) and to monitor the epidemic with an update of probable cases twice a week.

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