Our CSR policy

Docaposte is working towards purposeful, responsible and inclusive digital technology

Combining ecological and digital transition

With an increase in digital usage, comes an increasing environmental impact.

However, digitalisation is an opportunity for ecological transition : it allows us to optimise environmental protection policies (to better measure and follow the environmental impact of businesses), while promoting a more environmentally friendly usage of natural resources.

Our CSR strategy aims to support purposeful and responsible digital usage and provide safe access to new services, whilst respecting the data privacy of all.

Our strategy responds to 3 major challenges:

  • Working to ensure inclusion
  • Putting ethics at the heart of all our actions
  • Managing the environmental impact of our services and digital solutions
  • Green IT

    At Docaposte, Green IT is at the heart of our CSR policies

    Green IT

  • Equality at Docaposte

    Following the commitments taken by the La Poste Group, Docaposte has implemented its own Equality program

    Equality at Docaposte

  • Accessibility

    So that everyone can access, understand, navigate and interact with the Web


Our commitments

  • Develop inclusive digital services, accessible to all

  • Limit the environmental impact of our activities

  • Eco-design our services and digital solutions

  • Adopt ethical digital practices

  • Promote diversity and gender equality in the workplace

  • Make digital accessibility a priority

  • Support initiatives that empower women in digital technology

Some key figures

  • 92/100

    Gender Equality Index Women-Men in 2021

  • 85%

    Digiposte compliance rate for accessibility

  • 12,070

    tonnes of CO² offset by Docaposte