Our commitments: QSE/CSR


QSE (Quality, Safety, Environment)


A continuous improvement process throughout DOCAPOSTE and common to all services.


Backed by DOCAPOSTE's General Management and in keeping with La Poste's ways, quality, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement are a daily commitment for DOCAPOSTE, a reflex taken at every level. DOCAPOSTE has established a process that revolves around an operational and efficient Integrated Management System (IMS), with concrete commitments taken on a daily basis on all its sites by each and every one of its 4,500 employees.


DOCAPOSTE endeavours to obtain the labels/certifications required for its offers, that refer to specific professions and specific scopes.


In order to ensure the best possible services in terms of quality, availability, security and durability, DOCAPOSTE and its entities are regularly audited by independent organisations.


LRQA 2009 ISO9001NF ISO CE 27001Certification ISO 27001


ISO 209001Imprim VertCharte de la diversité


FNTCLRSLa Poste Neutralité Carbone



CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)


DOCAPOSTE: a company widely committed to Sustainable Development.


Our conviction


The origin of our commitments to socially responsible development lies in a strong conviction: we are aware that our company has important responsibilities, not only with regard to its employees and partners, but more widely with regard to the environment and the society in which is thrives.


From the very beginning, DOCAPOSTE has strived to define a policy that enables it to better consider social, environmental and societal concerns as part of its activities and development ambitions.


Our priority commitments:

  • Act as a responsible employer
  • Reduce our environmental footprint
  • Contribute to strengthening social bonds
  • Placing ethics at the heart of our business relations


Note: DOCAPOSTE's CSR performance was assessed by ECOVADIS who awarded us the "SILVER" recognition level. This recognition ranks DOCAPOSTE among the 30% of companies best ranked by ECOVADIS.


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