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Docaposte believes in the European ecosystem to develop ethical and trustworthy IT

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At the heart of a powerful and innovative ecosystem

Innovation at Docaposte is demonstrated by our community of strong partners and the opportunity to collaborate industrially, academically and financially with stakeholders who share our DNA.

Our belief : In front ofthe digital industry giants, we believe in the strength of the European ecosystem to research, find, develop and industrialize cutting-edge solutions that are trustworthy, ethical, repsonsible and technologically independent.

INRIA, our fundamental research partner

At Docaposte, innovation takes place in two phases:

  • Short-term for incremental innovation, generating new opportunities
  • Long-term for fundamental research

Today, when collaborating with the INRIA research teams, we are developing the technological foundations of tomorrow in the major fields of IT.

From decentralizing algorithims for Machine Learning independent of data localisation, to homomorphic encryption allowing to perform computations on data without decryption or to the design of provable security or the robustness of electrnoic voting, Docaposte performs in-depth exploration of the key concepts of the future technological foundations of our clients.

French IoT, the La Poste Group's Startup accelerator

French IoT, one of the La Poste group's innovative flagship programmes, aims to accelerate the development of start-ups specialised in impactful connected services.

Operated by Docaposte since its launch in 2015, the French IoT porgramme supports around fifteen start-ups every year, helping them to develop and to become strong partners of the La Poste Group.

The French IoT is supported by a complete ecoystem of corporate partners, key stakeholders in digital innovation and the Social and Solidarity Economy in mainland and overseas France as well as a diverse pool of start-ups invested in strategic sectors for the La Poste Group.

Key figures for French IoT

  • More than 100

    start-ups assisted

  • More than 330

    start-ups in our innovation pool

  • More than 30

    on-going collaborations with the La Poste Group

  • More than 100

    partners in our innovation ecosystem

La Poste Ventures at the service of open innovation

With its Corporate Venture Capital (CVC), a start-up capital investement fund ( in partership with XAnge), the La Poste Group has a new financing tool whose purpose is to identify and create new value-added services for its clients.

Its aim is to invest, in seed and Series A, in start-ups who develop innovative services at the heart of its clients' concerns and have a positive impact on society.

Docaposte is a stakeholder in La Poste CVC's investment decisions, thus favoring win-win deals.

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Cyber@StationF Program with Thalès

Cyber@StationF contributes to collaborative innovation in cybersecurity through an open innovation approach with start-ups and by collaborating with other institutional partners.

Since 2020, Docaposte has partnered with Thales on Cyber@StationF, the program for acceleration for international start-ups that bring innovative solutions to the cybersecurity market.

A different form of help for start-ups, the program is organised as a business accelerator and seeks to remove technological or industrial barriers preventing a product or service from entering the market.