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Innovation is part of our corporate culture, combining technological power with human value

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Innovation is vital to the dynamism and durability of any business. Both internally for our employers and externally for our clients and partners innovation is an important driving force for transformation and performance. It is at the heart of our values and in harmony with the commitments of our parent company La Poste group: trust, solidity, inclusion and general interest.

A cross-company innovation culture

At Docaposte, innovation is an integral part of our corporate culture. Docaposte has succeeded in creating and maintaining a culture of innovation. A culture we adapt to our challenges, solutions and services, and pass on to our employees at all levels of the company in our day-to-day business.

With innovation as a cross-company concern, we aim to create a common culture of innovation among all employees.

Acclimatising employees to the innovations implemented in the workplace opens their eyes to what is happening outside the company with the latest technology trends and their impact on our respective business sectors and services.

Spreading the culture of innovation at Docaposte means focusing on :

  • Technological innovation
  • Human-centric innovation (with its impact on management, social issues, CSR, etc.), which must be ethical, useful and inclusive.

Dedicated innovation committees featuring specialist external speakers to educate us on technological trends, in-house training on new tools or subjects that will revolutionise everyday life, in-house POCs (for example, on generative AI and its impact on everyday working life): we organize meetings, forums and training courses open to all our employees to help drive and fulfill Docaposte's innovation culture with all employees on board.

Innovating within an ethical framework

Incremental innovation, supportive or disruptive innovation... Innovating at Docaposte also means integrating a vision of digital usage that is ethical and compliant with European regulations but also with the changing codes and expectations of society (sustainable development, digital responsibility, parity, digital inclusion, accessibility...).

Collective intelligence at the service of innovation

Docaposte has set up an Innovation Committee to allow every employee to participate in ideation or development around the theme of innovation, catalysing ideas and coordinating understanding of the latest technological developments.

Docaposte's Innovation Committee instils a spirit of innovation taking it in turns to lead or partner with other entities in La Poste group, aiming to develop new concepts, improve our product offer and create new products.

Our "Tendances Inno" Podcast

How well do you know Web3 and the innovation it will bring?

Docaposte invites you to meet the people who are making Web3 happen. The actors who are innovating and creating it, those who are interested in or those who are questioning it and those who wish to spread the word and understanding of these major digital changes in its "Tendances Inno" podcast.

The podcast is co-hosted by Marine Adatto and Alex Watenberg, co-founders of Wagmi Trends, whose mission it is to democratize new technologies, and Olivier Senot, Docaposte's Director of Innovation.

A podcast orchestrated by Benjamin Kaminski, Head of Digital, Social Media & Innovation at Docaposte.