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Docaposte makes innovation a major performance and transformation lever

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Incremental innovation, breakthrough innovation, supportive or disruptive innovation... For Docaposte, innovation also means integrating a vision of ethical use that complies with European regulations but also with the changing codes and expectations of society (sustainable development, responsible digital, parity, digital inclusion, accessibility, etc.). 

A cross-functional innovation culture

Because innovation culture is essential to ensure the long-term survival of any company, Docaposte has been able to create and maintain this culture, adapt it to its challenges, solutions and services, and pass it on to its employees, at all levels of the company, in its daily organisation.

Docaposte's innovation culture is based on the combination of our experts (UX/UI designers, developers, engineers, architects, etc.) with our technological knowledge. We bring together a complete ecosystem with academic research partners, startup accelerators or industrial co-innovation, and take on internal challenges (Best Developer in France La Poste, Defi ANTAI, etc.), all led by a cross-functional innovation team.

A leitmotif

We guide our clients in their digital transformation by combining innovation and ethics.