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Following La Poste Group's commitments, Docaposte has implemented its own Equality program

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At Docaposte, equality benefits everybody

We are convinced that our experience, skills, and creativity both differentiate us and make us complementary regardless of gender. We also work every day towards promoting diversity and equality of women and men in the work place at all levels of the company. We want to provide each person, in their own way, with the ability to push boundaries and to commit towards a future where inclusion in every form is the norm.

A subsidiary of the La Poste Group, Docaposte has adhered to the Group's commitment to gender equality with the creation of its own Equality network "Un.e" in October 2019.

Un.e the La Poste Group's equality network

Un.e is an inclusive and intersectional network of men and women in La Poste Groupe
Un.e is an inclusive and Group-wide network of men and women in the La Poste Groupe. Its members are committed to furthering equality and to valuing openness, innovation and progress for the purpose of development and performance. The network reinforces the group's ambition to encourage equality in all positions and to act towards developing a culture of equality at all levels of the company.

The network embodies a dynamic and united collective thanks to:

  • A "physical" network made up of hundreds of ambassadors at our offices, in other regions, in our branches or subsidaries, all connected, reflecting and acting together to promote and further equality

  • A "virtual" network via an intranet site, an open space for cultural integration on equality and inclusion but also to communicate on actions taken to the 20,000 managers in the La Poste Group via a monthly newsletter

Equality: a firm commitment

Launched in October 2020, Docaposte's Parité program was developed with the support of several sponsors.

Frédéric Dufaux

Deputy Director-General at Docaposte

"We involve our employees through education and by providing a framework and the keys to allow each person to remain attentive to certain behaviours and to ask themselves the right questions. This is achieved by setting an example, raising awareness, training and communication: the challenge is to show that diversity enriches the company."

Olivier Vallet

CEO at Docaposte

"True to its policies of commitment and innovation and true to its values, Docaposte is proud of its convictions in terms of equality , proposing within the "un.e" program a multi-directional action plan. Docaposte's involvement in this positive initiative has to bring tangible and measurable results, not just talk. Our Equality program is ambitious but realisitic and aims to be a catalyst for performance and wellbeing throughout the company"

Gaëlle Picard

Director of External Relations and Equality at Docaposte

"Our Equality plan must promote performance and innovation, whether it be individually or collectivelly, and reach all parts of the company, as each action matters. Every employee can, in their own way, become an ambassador for this cause, throughout the Docaposte Group"

Equality at Docaposte in figures

  • 87/100

    The average for Gender Equality Index in 2024

  • 43.71%

    of female employees at Docaposte

  • 40%

    of women in management positions in 2024

Professional Gender Equality Index

In order to reach its goals, Docaposte has established qualitative and quantitive objectives on diversity, starting with the Professional Gender Equality Index, which since 2020 concerns all companies with more than 50 employees.

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