With 30 years experience in document management and the delegated management of activity processes, DOCAPOST, subsidiary of the La Poste group, proposes the most comprehensive offer for managing the professional exchanges of companies and institutions with their specific public (customers, suppliers, administrations, citizens, internal public, etc.).


Professional back -office


S2E entrusted DOCAPOSTE with the employee wages within the context of the company savings plan.

The challenges:

- Improve customer relations management.

- Smooth the processing of information.

- Increase productivity by outsourcing employee wages.


The DOCAPOSTE service was built up in 4 months.

This is a GEIDE (electronic management of company information and documents) tool for document digitisation.

A workflow tool was associated with the solution, notably enabling management of the distribution, validation and transfer circuits between the different stakeholders, and administer the documents (modification, distribution to other stakeholders, sending documents by email, etc.).

Upstream, DOCAPOSTE processes the employee back office dossiers, incoming employee email and contractual documents: digitisation, indexing, classifying, qualification and dossier indexing, supply of images and the index in the platform…

Customer advantages

Employees are informed in real time on the progress of their dossiers. Moreover, the errors are now almost non-existent. The tool is able to deal with strong and sudden volumetric variations. The service has also drastically reduced processing deadlines.

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