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Facilitate subscription to holiday vouchers for public employees.


DOCAPOSTE was retained by the Directorate-General for Administration and by the Civil Service of the Ministry for the Budget, to provide services in managing the 'holiday voucher' system, paid to active and retired public employees as part of the inter-ministerial social action.

To be eligible for holiday vouchers, the civil servant saves for a period of 4 to 12 months. The government then matches this saving. In order to benefit from this service, the public employees must subscribe to a scheme and submit a complete application.

DOCAPOSTE proposed a solution to the Directorate-General for public employees (DGAFP): subscription to this savings scheme being fully digital.

Public employees therefore have 4 ways to subscribe:

• Paper process: the paper form is distributed to the public employees so they can fill in and return it with all the supporting documents.

• A form is available on the portal, public employees pre-complete it, print it off and return it with supporting documents.

• The blank form is also available on line. The public employees can print it off and complete it to send it with the required documents.

• The fully digital process with the Contralia solution: the public employees complete the online form, download their supporting documents and sign the application submission. We associated our solution with the SEPALIA solution to meet the online SEPA direct debit mandate. We thus make it unnecessary for employees to print out the direct debit request and send it to their bank. The process is thus fully digitalised.

Customer advantages

The aim of the solution is to smooth the subscription process by reducing incomplete applications, offer an omni-channel approach with a 'client-centrix' process and provide a compliant Navigo pass as rapidly as possible.

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