With 30 years experience in document management and the delegated management of activity processes, DOCAPOST, subsidiary of the La Poste group, proposes the most comprehensive offer for managing the professional exchanges of companies and institutions with their specific public (customers, suppliers, administrations, citizens, internal public, etc.).


Digital subscription


Develop the contract subscription while respecting the current legislation on electronic contracts. Moreover, AFI wanted to make the customer path easier, by proposing that these customers denounce the insurance policy directly on line.


Thanks to the DOCAPOSTE solution, AFI Assurances telemarketers can now take out contracts on line. After an online request, the AFI telemarketers contact the prospective customer to set up a customised estimate.

Once the estimate is made, AFI Assurances drafts the contract and sends an email to the customer that contains a link enabling them to access their contract. If the customer wants to take out a policy, he receives a single-use PIN code by SMS on his mobile phone. Thanks to this pin code, the customer signs his contract electronically. The contract is then directly signed by AFI, time-stamped and archived. The contract can then be downloaded via a personal, secure interface, The termination process for the previous insurance policy is initiated on line by the customer, AFI then generates the entire processes for his new customer by drawing on our electronic registered letter solutions.


Frédéric Bacmann, CEO

« This fully digitalised all-in-one service is already producing results. It allows us to process our customers' requests more quickly, get them to sign their contract more rapidly, but also to lose fewer prospective customers once they have connected to the site. In any case, this solution arrived at just the right time, when my company was growing and needed this little boost to become even more efficient! »

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