Manage all your HR activities through a single interface!

The DOCAPOSTE HR collaborative platform is a modular SaaS mode platform, accessible by all the company's employees with differentiated user profiles: employees, managers, HR managers, employee representatives, etc.

Simplified daily management

It allows you to fully manage all your daily HR activities digitally from a single portal. You save time by optimising:

  • All the processes for managing the employee's career within the company (Employee relations): signing the work contract, administration of their employee folder, multi-channel distribution of their payslips, management of their HR requests, etc.
  • All the processes for managing relations with your employee representative relations (Social relations): organisation of professional elections, archiving of collective agreements, population of the Economic and Social Database, monitoring of delegation hours, etc.

Specific HR management indicators and notifications enable you to monitor your activity very smoothly.

Dynamic employee experience

The DOCAPOSTE HR platform also includes other features for improving the employee experience through improved internal communication: employee file with personal information that can be edited online by the employee, management indicators according to the user profile, internal social network (with the option of subscribing to discussion groups)…

360° HR vision

Connected to your other HRIS, the DOCAPOSTE HR platform consolidates all your HR data in a single place. You then have an overall view of your repository. A genuine decision-making support tool, the DOCAPOSTE HR platform thus helps you to effectively deploy your HR policy to serve the performance and development strategy of the company.


  • Single interface for all HR processes
  • SaaS mode
  • Collaborative
  • Modular
  • Customisable
  • Secure
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Indicators per user profile

* legal obligation - decree 2013-1305 of 27 December 2013


  • Rapid implementation
  • Adapted to your specific needs
  • Simplified management of the HR activity
  • Increased productivity
  • Costs reduced
  • 360° HR vision