DOCAPOSTE and health: supporting the sector's transition to the digital age


The health industry has several facets: healthcare, medico-social work, well-being and care of the elderly.

Nonetheless, the sector's digital transformation is well underway. It must however speed up to meet the many ongoing challenges: ageing population, increase in chronic diseases, medical progress, healthcare crises, adapting the offer throughout the country, making public and private management coincide, constraints linked to social financing, newly instated institutional (ARS - French Regional Health Agency), hospital-based (medico-economic) and financial (investment funds) governance.

The digital age helps make our health system more preventive, more personalised, more efficient and more economic.

Our value proposal revolves around 4 focus points:

  • Managing our customers' digital health files: DOCAPOSTE has several "certified health data web provider" authorisations, and securely hosts tens of millions of health files (pharmaceutical files, personal medical files, beneficiary files, insurance files, etc.). DOCAPOSTE operates these files in very high availability (24/7) and guarantees total security and confidentiality.
  • Developing customer/patient/insured party relations: DOCAPOSTE offers multichannel tools (post, email, sms) for circulating information to medical professionals, patients, insured parties or users, be it occasionally or regularly.
  • Sharing information on health platforms: DOCAPOSTE supports its customers in the implementation and management of health service platforms. These platforms enable health sector professionals to work more efficiently by sharing information about their patients, insured parties or citizens and being able to access this information at any time and in any place in a secure manner.
  • Creating new e-Health services: Alongside its customers and partners, DOCAPOSTE co-builds, develops and runs the e-health services of the future.
75 %

of patients are prepared to go digital in the health sector.

Source : High committee for public health – May 2014

DOCAPOSTE at the heart of the health ecosystem


DOCAPOSTE not only positions itself as a technical service provider, but also as a real partner, an expert in e-Health matters and a driving force for its customers.


A strategic partnership policy with key health sector stakeholders:

  • Associations
  • Competitiveness clusters
  • Software developers and e-Health solution providers

DTools for following the most innovative stakeholders:

  • Health Innovative Days
  • Paris area e-Health incubator lab
  • Closeness with e-Health capital investment/capital development networks

An "Open Innovation" approach focused on Health:

  • Ecosystème Innovationecosystem - La Poste Group
  • Postal Lab
  • DOCAPOSTE offers its customers a co-construction approach for its services, via the "Innov’Up" system