E-administration: permanent challenge

Administrations and local authorities face many challenges: transform from within and offer more services to citizens while contributing to the control of public finances. This assumes both concentrating efforts, optimising processes and pooling resources between services. In parallel, organisations must adapt to the exponential growth of the digital sector and respond to citizens who are increasingly connected, and who expect responsiveness, interactivity, simplicity and proximity in their relations with various governmental and local administrations. Not to mention that the legislative changes designed to modernise the administration require new obligations.

Faced with these challenges, DOCAPOSTE has a three-fold expertise with:

  • support in the digital transition process
  • management solution for citizen relationship
  • delegated management of processes to optimise costs and quality of service

Through its offers, DOCAPOSTE supports the digital transformation of governmental, local and territorial administrations in three areas:

1) Accompany administrations and local authorities in the digital transition process

DOCAPOSTE has a process for supporting administrations and local authorities by performing diagnostics for them and by providing advice to help support the change. This is the case of the QTN (Quality as an engine for Digital Transition) process that enables any local authority to rapidly diagnose the maturity of its transition to digital and that can identify avenues for optimisation.

2) Optimise process management

DOCAPOSTE also provides solutions able to meet the needs of users (e.g. transport card management, system for managing and monitoring the allocation of grants to local associations, etc.). Its consultants and experts (IS, activity, etc.) have complete control of the projects, from assessing needs to developing solutions and to implementing these solutions.

3) Modernise citizen relations

For companies and local authorities, DOCAPOSTE has developed an approach to the digital economy for users. The aim is to enable local authorities to get the best out of new technologies so as to optimise citizen relations.

The DOCAPOSTE Citizen Relations Management solution enables citizens to perform all their procedures with their local authority from home via internet or from their smartphone when on the move. DOCAPOSTE improves the dialogue by multiplying points of contacts between users and local authorities via the different communication channels available today (web, smartphone, email, front office, etc.). Access to geolocalised services can, for example, allow a user to easily report to his town hall concerning a problem with the public highway.

74 %

of French people support the development of
e- administration.

Source : Innovation barometer Syntec Numérique – BVA (2013)