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Banking & Insurance

Banking and Insurance: Speed up digital transformation for customers…

Within a few years, the banking and insurance industries have been subject to profound changes. And that was only the beginning: the emergence of online stakeholders, reinforced regulations (Bâle III, Solvabilité II, SOX, Macron Law on banking mobility, Eckert Law, etc.), digitalisation and customer evolution (now more fickle and multichannel), the arrival of FinTech/InsurTech, the Internet of Things (IoT), etc., all these things are elements and opportunities that speed up the transformation process for banks and insurances.

To meet these expectations, banks and insurances are required to be more agile. This is what DOCAPOSTE is offering: accelerated digital transformation for professional organisations and processes.

DOCAPOSTE focuses on the following key fields:

  • CUSTOMER RELATIONS: digitalisation of all insurance/mortgage customers thanks to electronic subscriptions
  • HEALTHCARE: Transition from cure to care with the IoTs and data management
  • SOCIAL PROTECTION: Specialised back office and development of new services
  • BACK-OFFICE: Optimisation of back-office processes thanks to outsourcing methods
  • DTP: Optimisation of DTP flow management
21 %

Online subscriptions in banks amount to 21%. This rate has almost doubled in four years: from 13% in 2010 to 21% in 2014.


The banking industry is the sector that invests the most in NICTs after the industrial sector: 16% of IT expenditure in the world is made by banks, with 396 billion dollars in investment in 2010 (+ 4.60% in a year). (Gartner study)

Source : Solucom and Opinionway study (December 2014)

Customer feedback on…

…online subscription

« DOCAPOSTE's all-in-one 100% electronic service has already proved to be successful. It enables us to process customer requests quickly and have them sign their contract faster, and lose fewer prospects once they have arrived on our website. This solution came at exactly the right moment, at a moment when my company was in full bloom and needed this helping hand to become even more efficient! »
Frédéric Bacmann, Director of AFI Assurances

…data hosting

« The Carte Blanche Partenaires platforms have an important role to play, depending on regulatory developments, in becoming a trusted third party; this allows for the personal management of reimbursement files in collaboration with the insurer without the latter being provided with confidential information », explains Jean-François Tripodi during the Umanis debate on new and available data sources (Big Data/social networks/connected objects), and their use in the health sector.